Charter School Board Governance Resources

Governing Board Position

Provost Academy of SC, a virtual Charter High School located in Columbia, is looking to fill a current vacancy on the school board for an initial two year term. We are looking for individuals with expertise in Business, Education as well as Community members that may have an interest in charter school education. Please email Board President, Mike Guarino at with a letter of interest and current resume.

June 2015 - Important Law Change to S11 - FOIA

S11 Legislation

On June 8 Gov. Haley signed S11 which requires public bodies to have an agenda for all regularly scheduled and special called meetings, and lays out the procedure for amending an agenda after the meeting begins.

This new law (S11), however, now requires at least a two thirds vote to amend an agenda, and under certain circumstances, requires a finding that amending the agenda is needed because of an emergency situation or an exigent circumstance. This is a significant change in the law concerning how your board members will conduct their meetings.

SC Charter School Governing Board Orientation

SC Charter Law requires that all charter school governing board members attend board orientation within a year of being elected. The Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina provides FREE board training to all public charter school board members as part of our mission.

Please visit our Board Training page for more information.

Resources for Boards: