Resources for Developing a Public Charter School

PRESS RELEASE: South Carolina Charter Schools Make Plans to Meet Student Needs in New Schools - released March 20, 2015.

Due to regulation changes this year, there will be no deadline for charter school applications, however, you should set a goal for no later than JUNE 1st. Reminder: Your Letter of Intent is due to your Sponsor and SCDE at least 90 days prior to submitting an application.

2015 Charter School Application Documents

SC Charter School Start Up Incubator

Let the Alliance help you navigate the "How's", "Why's", "When's", and questions about starting a charter school. Sign up for our Start Up Incubator to help get you on your way! Charter Incubator ApplicationHelpful FAQ's

Charter Starter Writers Webinars

Webinar #6 Application and Appendix Review: Monday, April 27th at Noon. REGISTER


Webinar #1 Charter Starter - Launching Here: Watch recorded webinar // Link to slides

Webinar #2 Making Your Mission Matter and How to Measure It: Watch recorded webinar // Link to slides

Webinar #3 Understanding Budget Basics and Student Interest Documentation: Watch recorded webinar // Link to slides

Webinar #4 Governance and Operation of Successful Charters: Watch recorded webinar // Link to slides

Webinar #5 Application Component Review and Aligning your Application: Watch recorded webinar // Link to slides // To Do Sample

Resources for New School Development

Webinar: Introduction to Teacher Licensure - Certified and Non-Certified Faculty: Watch recorded webinar here // Flexibility Overview sheet // Licensure powerpoint

Documenting Student Support, sample form: Letter of Student Interest

Request SDE Estimated Revenues for your budget: Mrs. Jinnett at

Your Mission Statement matters: How do I make my mission sound more exciting?