Charter School Leadership

The Alliance provides technical assistance and comprehensive training on charter school leadership to schools across SC. SC Charter Schools  must follow the SC Charter School Act and comply with SC Non-Profit Corporation Laws. 

Charter School Leaders are hired by their Charter School's Board of Directors.  Charter School Leaders function as Principal of a School, Instruction Leader, and CEO of a Non-Profit Corporation. 

SC Charter School Finance 101 Webinar - Thursday, October 6th at 12:00pm


Join us for the basics on charter school finance. We will investigate the basics of the SC education funding formulas and the related expenditures allowed.

  • Identify ways to leverage your limited resources
  • Find out if you are leaving money on the table
  • Make sure you are not putting your school at risk for an audit finding or revocation

10-Point Grading Scale FAQ, Video for Educators, Video for Parents and Students, Powerschool Upgrade memorandum - SC Department of Education

FREE ETV Technology Training - the staff at ETV trains over 3,000 SC teachers at their locations every school year. They will work with your teachers during their planning periods, after school or on inservice days. ETV's trainers specialize in web tools, iPads and Google as well as all of the wonderful ETV resources. This session can be tailored to your needs, on your time, at your location - all for free! To arrange training, email Debbie Jarrett at  Visit Debbie's website at:

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FAQ's about South Carolina public charter schools

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