PCSASC Programs and Resources

The Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina’s school leaders, governing board, and staff are committed to furthering our work as a professional learning organization that advances the missions of our schools.  All of our programs and services support the ongoing development and sustainability of high quality public charter schools.  We have built a network of school leaders and other skilled consultants to support this work.  

Charter School Communications and Marketing Plan

Whether you are a planning group, a start up charter school, or an existing charter school, you need a communications and marketing plan. Chances are, your charter school does not have a Communications Specialist on their payroll. Therefore, the job of marketing and communications falls somewhere between the principal, board members, teachers, and staff members. When different modes of communication are farmed out to various people within your organization, it is difficult to implement a cohesive public relations plan that sticks to the task and clearly focuses each message to your mission statement. 

Working with the Alliance can help you start a communications and marketing plan; troubleshoot and hone your existing communications; add value to your existing communication plan with extra outreach; help identify and reach your target market; or help communications within the community.

Public Charter School Performance Management Resources

  • Free board governance orientation
  • School leader development, mentoring, and networking
  • Advanced board development and training
  • Performance management tools for academic and operational transformation
  • Renewal and charter amendment support services
  • Professional development and webinars throughout the year for leaders, boards, and educators

New School Development Resources

  • Free initial planning group consultation and capacity audit
  • Charter committee training and startup technical assistance
  • Free strategic site visits to high performing charter schools
  • Training and mentoring programs from pre-charter through the first 2 years of operation

Other Resources and Supports

  • Member group purchasing discounts
  • Job board and CERRA listings
  • Board election services
  • Board bank with citizens interested in serving on public charter school boards