Strategic Plan Coaching

Don’t just create another plan that sits on the shelf - take action today!

A revolutionary way to think about strategic planning for the future of your charter school.

Workshop on Saturday, April 26th with pre-workshop webinars, plan review, and follow up coaching.

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This Training is for your team - if you want to:

  • Have more impact and advance the mission of the school.
  • Ask the right questions with a focus on the future of the school.
  • Spark action from the classroom to the boardroom to accelerate student achievement.
  • Focus on becoming an effective, successful public charter school with an ongoing cycle of analysis, alignment, and action.

Who should participate from your school? 

  • A team of 5 to 8 people including board members, school leaders, lead faculty or other stakeholders of your school.   This group will become a highly effective team focused on the current and future needs of the school academically and operationally.

What does the Training include?

  • Building a team of board members, administrators, lead faculty and other stakeholders with a shared vision and the skills to implement the plan.
  • Two pre-workshop webinars.
  • Initial self-assessment work and meaningful data analysis.
  • Workshop on April 26th from 9 to 4pm in Columbia, SC focused on mission alignment, customized goal setting, and identifying action steps.
  • Review of Strategic Plan with constructive feedback.
  • Implementation support of action steps with online and over the phone coaching sessions for 30 minutes per month for 6 months after the workshop.

Who are the trainers?

  • Dr. Howard Coleman, Associate Professor, Coastal Carolina University
  • Beverly Manigo, Regional Director of Training and Technical Assistance, Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina
  • Mary Carmichael, Executive Director of the Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina

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