Charter College Counselor Training

and Technical Assistance Program


The Alliance is excited to launch a new college counselor training program with Bert Hudnall. Bert is an experienced and well-respected college advisor who will work with charter school personnel to assist with developing self-sustaining college counseling programs. 

Underlying the program are two fundamental premises: 1) that we owe it to our students to let them know that their charter school education offers more post-graduate possibilities than they may know, and 2) that alternative plans to attending college, such as entering the military or taking a “gap year,” are worthy decisions but best made in the context of knowing all opportunities.    The college search process can be confusing for students, families, and counselors.  The playing field changes constantly, and the Alliance’s advisor will be on top of those changes.  The training program will provide groundwork information for guidance counselors at initial meetings and then build in follow up assistance as the school year progresses.

The Training Packages will include College Night programs for students and their families.  These events will be essential in order to have families be full partners in this endeavor.  The advisor will arrange these in conjunction with what’s practical for the school, and a small, comprehensive guide written by the advisor will be available for each student, serving as a “text” for meetings with families and counselors.

Why does our school need this?

Because guidance personnel have such full plates, being able to do more than just send transcripts to colleges is often not possible.  Actual counseling does not occur, through no one’s fault.  Having our advisor be available will be a benefit to both counselors and students.  We view this as an exciting step forward in our efforts to give charter schools increased credibility and their students more options of ways to use their education after graduation. 

In the process of establishing programs in the schools, the advisor will discuss financial aid and scholarships, the role of ACT or SAT’s (including how the new test will be evaluated by colleges), techniques for writing effective application essays, how to maximize college campus visits, and ways students can distinguish themselves through their applications.

Bert Hudnall’s vast contacts in the larger college arena will be put to use in each school’s behalf by broadening the school’s visibility among colleges beyond our area while strengthening relationships with familiar colleges. 

To develop a program for your school, contact Carol Aust at [email protected]


Proposed Pricing Package and Printable Program Info