Join the Public Charter School Alliance With Your School Membership

Be part of an organization that works to advance the mission of your charter school.

PCSASC would like to Thank YOU for your dedication to education through charter schools within our state. Your membership provides your school with a network of professionals to assist in strengthening public education with resources and support.

This year, 50,000 public school students will attend 88 charter schools at 95 campuses in South Carolina. You have been instrumental to our charter school growth. With you by our side, our voice will be louder, our power will be greater, and our children will get the quality education they deserve.

With your commitment to membership, we are able to provide a wide range of services and support. In addition, PCSASC members enjoy the following benefits:

School Membership Dues:

The Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina membership dues continue to be some of the lowest in the country. Currently, school dues are $6 per student for brick-and-mortar and $4.30 for virtual charter schools. Enrollment is calculated based on the 45-day count reported to the South Carolina Department of Education from the previous school year.

Pre-Charter Membership: