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Angela Bryant, Virtual Product Specialist

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Connections is a leading provider of K-12 virtual school curriculum, instruction, technology, and related services. Our standards-aligned courses are rigorous and interactive, featuring multimedia, supplemental tools, assessments, and interactions with a live teacher. Our proprietary online multimedia tools and educational games bring curriculum to life and make learning fun. These tools engage students and support their mastery of everyday skills and complex concepts.

Connections' outstanding curriculum, delivered via our Connexus education management platform, is one of the key reasons our students perform so well. With hundreds of courses, we offer one of the largest selections available from any virtual/blended learning provider. We constantly monitor and enhance our curriculum, incorporating student, parent, and teacher feedback in our evaluations and updates.

Individualize Instruction with Exceptional Certified Teachers

GradPoint is a web-based program for grades 6-12 that offers a full catalogue of courses to enhance virtual learning opportunities for each student - including core curriculum, credit recovery, electives, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses - and delivers them on a web-based and award-winning learning platform. Students have successfully mastered content and accrued and recovered credits resulting in improved academic performance and graduation rates with Pearson's award-winning solution, GradPoint.

  • Award-winning credit recovery and accrual curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the South Carolina State Core Curriculum Content Standards and recommended standards by national associations
  • Core, Elective, Honors, World Languages, and AP Courses
  • GradPoint Leraning platform, which enables students and educators to access credit recovery and credit accrual courses from a single login on a user-friendly interface
  • GradPoint's adaptive and flexible curriculum and resources provide a comprehensive and powerful online educational solution
Advanced Academics provides virtual learning solutions to school districts seeking statewide, regional, and in-district virtual learning programs and courses. our flexibility allows districts to design and implementation model to meet current requirements and to evolve with changing needs over time. Whether you want to launch a supplemental in-district program or a statewide virtual solution for any student in your state, we have the expertise and resources to guide your efforts to a successful outcome. Advanced academics programs and courses are more than just content delivered online - we provide live interaction, which is the original instructional model on which our program was founded.