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Marcus Rose, School Partnership Director

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PresenceLearning ( is the leading provider of live online speech and occupational therapy, behavioral and mental health services, and assessments for K-12 schools and families of children with special needs. PresenceLearning's nationwide network of online professionals and tele health providers includes hundreds of highly qualified speech language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs), and behavioral and mental health professionals. Treatment sessions are delivered "anytime anywhere" via live videoconferencing using the latest in evidence-based practices combined with powerful progress reporting.

By partnering with PresenceLearning, charter schools can fill service gaps related to acute and chronic shortages of special education and related services personnel, reduce high caseloads for onsite personnel, reduce their backlog of assessments, improve student outcomes, and improve efficiency. Since 2009, PresenceLearning has delivered more than 1 million live, online therapy sessions to students in public, charter, and virtual schools across the U.S. and globally, proving that online delivery of special education and related services is practical, convenient, and highly effective.

PresenceLearning is an ASHA-approved continuing education provider for SLPs and a U.S. Department of Education grant-winner.

PresenceLearning is a NASP-approved continuing education provider for mental health providers.

Are you interested in learning more about PresenceLearning's products and services? Then please enjoy the following webinar. For additional information, questions, or to schedule and appointment, please contact the company directly.

Presence Learning Webinar